Commercial Roof Repair

Two workers working together to repair a roof.

A roof is an important part of any building but for a commercial property; it goes beyond. Not only does it enhance your building aesthetically, but it also gives you a way to reduce energy costs and save you money. A routinely maintained and properly functioning roof is crucial to avoid disruption to your business. The best way to keeping your roof management under control is to hire a roofing contractor to undertake a thorough roof inspection now and then.

There’s no doubt that regular maintenance lengthens the life of your roof, but there is a time when you have no other option but to replace your entire roof. With such, you must understand the signs when your roof needs repairs and when replacement is unavoidable.

Why do you need to repair your roof – without delaying?

Performing repairs immediately will help reduce the likelihood of roof damage in extreme weather and also means that you don’t have to join a waiting list for a new roof when the need finally arises.      

A commercial roofing contractor can help create a maintenance plan for your roof. By inspecting, you need to outline the basics of your roof maintenance needs. You can also create a detailed checklist of conditions and arrange the issues based on the severity and need for urgency. A professional and experienced commercial roofing company can help you with a definitive plan of action for all such needs of repair or maintenance work.

When it comes to roof maintenance, here are some benefits to keep you motivated:

Roof repairs are minimally-invasive

Roof maintenance and repair is minimally invasive. That means when the roofing contractor is on the roof working, you can continue your business operations without interference. Expert roofers utilize the latest electronic and thermal imaging technology that is cost-efficient and friendly to your business.

Prevent major issues down the road

You can save money by uncovering small issues early and repair them before they become major and costly to handle. So, spend more on regular roof upkeep than being caught unprepared for extensive damage that is both expensive and urgent.

Decrease your liability

Amongst other building components, a roof is most subject to deterioration. So, a poorly maintained roof is not just prone to leaks, but it is also hazardous for your business and workers.

Save money

Proper roof maintenance helps you save money in the long run. Preventive-maintenance cost is far less than a major roof repair or replacement. So, you have to be proactive in terms of your roof and catch repairs early.

Protect your equipment

No matter the type of profile your roof takes, even a minor crack or leak can damage your costly equipment, sensitive documents, and electronic devices. By ignoring such conditions, you’re putting your valuables at risk of moisture continuously seeps in due to damaged roof.

Protect your workers

A leaky commercial leaf can promote mould and mildew as well as increase indoor humidity. In such a condition, your workers are more prone to getting sick, and they may be unable to work.

What are some signs you need a roof replacement?

When your commercial roof progresses towards the end of its service life, there’s no point in sticking to it. With a roof too old, you may have to undergo more repeated repairs. You can think of this as an opportunity to install a new roof that is more cost-efficient than the previous one.

So, here are some tell-tale signs that you need a commercial roof replacement:

Continuous Roof Leaks

You can easily manage minor few leaks occasionally. But leaks now and then means you need to consider replacing the roof. If you notice leaks, after every rain or snow from different parts of the roof, you may have to keep dealing with them. In such a condition, it is best to consider a roof replacement once and for all.

Damages due to storms

At times, damage to the roof due to storms goes beyond the eye and so it is best to call a roofing contractor for an inspection. A fallen tree or strong wind can damage the roofing membrane considerably. You can see large bald spots on the membrane, and if left unattended, rainwater will do considerable damage.  

Very high energy bills

With a damaged roof, your commercial property isn’t well-insulated anymore. The water can easily leak through the damaged insulation creating even more trouble. So, if you notice very high electricity bills despite your usual usage of HVAC, it may be a time to say goodbye to your old roof.  


You can’t deal with an extensive rotting and damaged roofing material with repairs. If your roofing material is falling apart, a roof replacement may be the only viable option. Check for the signs of mold on the inside and stains from damage that has accumulated.

A sagging or combination of damages

If you’re experiencing a whole list of damages including missing shingles or tiles, gutters, sagging in the roof; it’s best to replace your roof. Repairing as such may not be feasible.

It’s Time to call the Experts!

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