Spotting Hail Damage to Your Roof

Spotting hail damage to roofs

Last year there was over 5,000 hailstorms documented by the NOAA Severe Weather database. Heritage Roofing, your local Prescott area roofing repair experts, cautions homeowners that damage from hail may be something they are not able to see from the ground that can cause major problems if not taken care of promptly. It doesn’t have to be large hailstones to cause the damage – even small hailstones can cause damage to your roof. Let’s look at a few clues that you may have damage from a hailstorm.

  1. Look for dented or damaged rain gutters, gutter screens or downspouts. It is not always true, but as a general rule if the roof has sustained damage from the hail, the gutters probably have as well.
  2. Check for damage to siding and window sills. Check the exterior of the home for dents and other indications of damage from the hail. If the exterior is damaged, there is concern for roof damage
  3. Check the air conditioner and other outdoor items for signs of damage. Not only should you check for damage to the air conditioner as an indication of possible roof damage, but you should also check that a damaged air conditioner is still functional if the cooling fins show damage.
  4. Check decks and painted surfaces for damage. 
  5. Take a look at your mailbox, if it is showing new dents it may be from hail damage.

In general, if there is outside damage after a hail storm, there may also be damage to your roof that you can not see from the ground. Please keep in mind that climbing on your roof can be dangerous, especially if you do not have the proper safety gear and knowledge. An inexperienced person can actually cause more damage by walking around on the roof.

An experienced roofing contractor will inspect your roof for damage and look for a variety of issues: damage to vents and shingles, cracked tiles (on a tile roof), damage to metal flashings, etc. Some damage may be just cosmetic, while other is functional and should be repaired before causing bigger problems like roof leaks.

If you have experienced a hail storm and want to make sure there is no roof damage, just call Heritage Roofing in Prescott at 928-910-2765 for a free estimate. We are licensed, bonded and insured.