Heritage Roofing Shares 7 Things to Know for a New Roof

Flat Tiles Stacked on the Roof by Heritage Roofing

Heritage Roofing answers your questions about installing a new roof. They want you to be prepared and have as much knowledge as possible while you are researching for the best products and options for your new roof install.

1. Is a New Roof Really Worth the Money, Time and Effort?

Yes – a new roof has been shown to increase the value of a home by a national average of $12,000, according to HomeAdvisor Magazine. They also found that replacing the roof will have a higher return on invest over adding an additional bathroom to the home. There is a lot of added benefit to homeowners who invest in upgrading their roof for a new one.

For one, a new roof increases curb appeal and with today’s roofing products they really improve the aesthetics of the home. The GAF Timberline Ultra HD colors that are available provide an array of options for homeowners to upgrade their home’s appearance.

Your home will also be more appealing to buyers when it comes time for you to list it for sale. There is something reassuring to new homeowners that they don’t have to worry about the roof for 10 or more years, depending when the new roof was installed.  

With the increase in technology, roofing materials are made to last longer and are more durable to endure harsh weather conditions. Homeowners also feel more rest assured with a new roof overhead protecting their most valuables.

Another benefit to the improved technology in roofing production is that they now come with longer warranties. Homeowners feel better with a new roof and one that they can trust under a warranty that provides further protection.  An example of such improved quality roofing materials with an increased warranty would be the Timberline 50 year shingles.

2 . What’s the Verdict on Laying Shingles Over an Existing Layer?

It is highly advised to strip away the existing layer of asphalt shingles before applying a new layer. In case you didn’t know, it is OK to have up to two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof, which can save time and money upfront. But the real benefit is to have the roofing contractor inspect the roof underneath the shingles to ensure the decking and flashing are still in good condition.

Applying a new roof on top of an old roof may sound like the less expensive and easier option from the get go, but if there is an underlying issue that is going under another layer, both layers may be getting tore up before you thought, adding more time and expense to the project.

Your Prescott roofing expert may advise that a new weather protectant, rubber membrane be installed. This coating will prevent water from getting into the home if there is ice that gets built up in the eaves of the roof. 

Another area of concern would be the extra weight that is added to your roof with the added layer of shingles. With the unpredictable snowstorms that Prescott gets, especially in higher elevation, the extra weight would soon become worrisome under these conditions.

3. Your Location will Determine the Material that is Most Suitable for Your Roof

What is great about working with local roofing contractors Prescott Valley AZ is their knowledge of the climate, weather and other area-related factors that will affect the choice of roofing for your home.

Northern Arizona has seen its fair share of fires. Homes that lie close to areas that are vulnerable to fires may be better suited to have a metal roof, which are fireproof. Wood shingles add character to a home, make it quaint and unique, but in Arizona you will not see much of these around due to the high risk of fires.

In an area that is susceptible to hail and wind damage, your Prescott roofing contractors will know exactly the durability of products that are needed to properly install a reliable and lasting roof.

4. The Area Can Also Determine Your Roof Style and Preference

Tile roofs are very trendy and stylish. More popular in the southwest region of the area is the Spanish-style tile roofs. These tiles are pricey, but they do add a special flare to the neighborhood to stay in touch with Spanish roots.

5. Choosing a New Roof That is Right for Your Budget

If you have visited the Heritage Roofing home page and looked through all of the options of roofing that are available, you may become overwhelmed. Though keep in mind your style preference, and most importantly your budget.

Asphalt shingles are definitely the most affordable and the most popular with homeowners. Of course, there are different types that range in price as well.

Here is an idea of what some asphalt roofing options may cost:

  • Three-tab asphalt shingles: $7,000 to $12,000
  • 30-year shingles: $9,000 to $15,000
  • 50-year shingles: $11,000 to $20,000

Your Heritage Roofing contractor will give you an estimate with everything included so you have a better idea of what your project should cost around.

6. Hire an Expert Heritage Roofing Contractors to Install Your New Roof

It may be tempting to YouTube shingles and how to videos on how to install yourself…but installing a new roof is a lot more complex than you may expect. Plus, hiring a licensed, bonded, insured roofing contractor is going to protect you and your home is the very long run.

Remember up above that a new roof can add value to your home at resale? If the buyers learn that it was installed by a non-professional roofer, yet professional YouTuber, then the deal may fall through. Plus, the roofing contractor is going to know exactly what permits to pull and be diligent in the paperwork.

Not to mention, there is a ton of clean up work! Leave the heavy, hard, tedious work to the experts. Paying the extra money will be well worth trying to fix any errors. Plus, Heritage Roofing also inspects your roof prior to the new install so they can see if there is any potential risk of damage or weak spots.

Hiring the pros will let you sleep easier at night knowing that you are protected under a durable and quality roof, that was done right, fast and efficient the first time. And, if there are any issues, Heritage Roofing is quick to respond, and they have some great warranties that’ll protect you for a while.

If you want to YouTube, check out this professional. Now you know you can trust him and his team to install a good quality roof.  And if that doesn’t sell you, the testimonials of his customer will.

7. And, Here’s a Bonus Tip When you work with Heritage Roofing

This team is so conscientious about making sure they leave your property spic and span, make sure to ask the Heritage Roofing contractors to whip out their handy device to scan your landscape and driveway of any loose nails. As a courtesy to customers, they always leave the area neat and tidy of any debris and scraps.

Give Heritage Roofing a call today to discuss all your options for your new roof. We offer free estimates for your project and are happy to work with you to give you the best roof possible