3 Reasons Heritage Roofing Prefers Tile with Quality Underlayment

An aerial view capturing a roof in the midst of construction, revealing the ongoing progress of the roofing project.

Whether you’re looking for brand new roofing for your home in Prescott AZ or whether you simply need expert repairs to your existing roof, it’s important to choose a roofing contractor you can trust. There are plenty of roofers out there who make bold claims, but not all of them follow through like you wish that they would.

At Heritage Roofing we believe that we offer the premier Prescott roofing service, outshining our competitors in every way. We draw on over 20 years’ experience to bring the highest standard of roofing expertise, products and customer service. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Heritage Roofing Contractors…

We use a cutting-edge underlayment product

While we pride ourselves on our labor expertise and outstanding customer service, we understand that a roofing contractor needs the outstanding products and materials to back them up. We find that other roofing contractors in Prescott Valley AZ use an inferior underlayment product beneath their shingles, adopting an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. But we believe this to be fundamentally wrongheaded.

Putting good tile on poor underlayment is literally building on a poor foundation. This may result in a job where the underlayment needs to be replaced even though the shingles themselves are in great condition.

We use cutting edge 90lb Boral Under Tile peel and stick underlayment for superior protection for your home.

We know Prescott AZ, its climate and its temperament

Speaking of protection, we also find that when other roofing contractors come to Prescott Valley from Phoenix, they bring products with them that work just fine for Phoenix weather but aren’t as well suited for the more unpredictable Prescott climate. The beauty of our superior underlayment is that it provides outstanding protection for your roof even in monsoon conditions and when your roof is faced with a barrage of rain and hailstones.

We don’t believe in quick fixes. We invest in superior underlayment beneath our quality Timberline shingles to ensure that not only does your roof look incredible all year round, it provides robust and long-lasting protection for your home and your family… After all, what’s more important? Our quality underlayment forms a tight seal around the nails that secure it, providing the ultimate waterproofing and protection from hail damage.

Our labor and material warranties give you lasting peace of mind

Our Heritage Roofing Contractors don’t like to make boastful claims, we simply make promises to our customers that we can build our reputation upon. We would never lend our name to an inferior product or material and we believe so much in our commitment to quality we’re happy to provide labor and material warranties that bring you lasting peace of mind.

Ask about our 10 year labor warranty and 50 year limited lifetime material warranty.

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves

But hey, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We’ve spent decades serving the good people of Prescott Valley AZ and have been delighted by the customer testimonials they’ve been kind enough to leave for us. Feel free to take a look for yourself. We’re certain you’ll be just as happy with your new roof or repairs as they are!

We can’t wait to talk to you about your commercial, residential or new construction roofing needs. Get in touch with us today to arrange a free, zero obligation quote!