Hire Experienced Professionals for Winter Roof Damage

A home nestled in a snowy landscape

Winter is here, and with it we will probably experience snow, ice and winds. Heritage Roofing, your local roofing contractor in Prescott, deals with Winter and its issues long into the spring. As such, we would like to offer some winter roofing maintenance tips that you need to know in order to keep your roof and family safe this winter.

Gutters – Your gutters are there to handle the water running of your roof when the snow and ice melts. A clogged gutter causing a dam that backs up the water and doesn’t allow the gutters to do their job properly and often allows water to collect in the gutters. If this water freezes, it can damage the gutters and cause leaks in your building.

Inspect Your Roof – If you can’t remember the last time your roof was inspected, it’s probably been too long. A structurally sound roof is capable of keeping your home dry and withstanding the snow and ice. If your roof sags in the middle, or you have seen signs of water damage in ceilings or attics, you should probably have your roof inspected by a professional before the problem because bigger and the repair more expensive.

Stay Off the Roof – As tempting as it might be to climb up on the roof to brush off a heavy snowfall or check out a potential leak, most homeowners should probably leave it to a professional who has the proper equipment to inspect the roof safely.

Help your roof keep you and your family safe and warm. Be prepared for whatever this winter throws at your roof by following the simple tips above. Contact Heritage Roofing today for a free inspection to make sure your Prescott area roof is ready for whatever winter brings our way. Just call us at 928-910-2765 to to schedule a visit from one of our trusted professionals.